How to improve energy and functional condition? Use the hidden abilities of your body with the help of ABIEM waveform biogenerator, unique invention of Dr. Igor V. Akszjonovics.

ABIEM device creates a protective shield against the surrounding electromagnetic field, has a beneficial effect on water and air structure, boosts your immune system, helps your biofield to adapt itself to the negative impacts of the environment, stimulates your body's compensatory abilities to fight against illness!

ABIEM device is a generator of bioenergetic and biomechanical impact. The first results of the research connected with analysis of the ABIEM impact on microbiological culture media, on water and human electromagnetic and thermal imaging emissions are presented in the doctor I. V. Akszjonovics's book "ABIEM DEVICE: How to transform human energy?" (FREE DOWNLOAD).

There are several types and sizes of ABIEM, you can place it in your house or in your garden, even on your neck as jewelry. They all will serve to improve environment's biodield.
The ABIEM's package includes a strong wooden case and a soft tissue cover, protecting the device from damage - all branded with the ABIEM logo.

Free delivery in Moscow! We can also delivery your ABIEM all around the world.

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ABIEM device, wood
Ash, walnut, cherry, pear
What can be more pleasant, harmonious and nice than warm natural wood?

ABIEM devices made of wood will positively influence your health and fill your home or office with comfort and harmony.

From old centuries ash, walnut, cherry and pear were used to treat different diseases. Their positive impact on human health is well known.

ABIEM device generates mild warmth, provides positive energetic impact and can be an original decoration and unique interior element!

Give yourself and your loved ones a great source of health, beauty and nature power!
Interior ABIEM
Small ash ABIEM
Big ring diameter - 300 мм.
Big ash ABIEM
Big ring diameter - 400 мм.
Small walnut, cherry, pear ABIEM
Big ring diameter - 300 мм.
ABIEM device,
precious metals
Gold, Silver, Swarovski incrustation
Treat yourself an your loved ones with not a simple jewelry, but a personal guardian angel!

ABIEM devices, artfully made of gold and silver (even with Swarovski incrustation for true admirers) combine sophistication and positive health influence.

It is well known that gold and silver provide curative qualities, which double thanks to ABIEM's energetic form.

With this jewelry on, you'll always have a unique invention by your side. It will protect you from big city's negativity and stress, will calm you down and will give you cheerfulness and good mood!
Jewelry ABIEM
Small golden ABIEM
Gold pendant ABIEM with
Swarovski incrustation.
Big ring diameter - 10 мм.
Big silver ABIEM
Silver pendant ABIEM with
Swarovski incrustation.
Big ring diameter - 40 мм.
Big silver ABIEM
Silver pendant ABIEM.
Big ring diameter - 40 мм.
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